Hair Rejuvenation

Hair Rejuvenation

Thinning hair is a common problem among many men and some women. This issue can present itself early and is often due to a genetic component. Despite its prevalence, there are few truly effective treatments for hair loss. That’s where our CIT hair rejuvenation treatment comes in. This natural, non-surgical method can improve hair strength and quality. Connect with our Coral Gables, Miami team to learn more.


What Is Hair Rejuvenation With CIT?

Our hair rejuvenation treatment relies on Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) to restore the quality of your hair from the inside out. This treatment relies on your body’s natural healing ability. It achieves this by leveraging growth factors found in your blood. When isolated and injected into the scalp, these growth factors improve hair follicle strength and help prevent hair loss.

Man with a full head of hair

What Does This Treatment Address?

CIT and growth factors are commonly used in the medical setting. Joint pain and mobility issues and certain skin concerns have been traditionally treated using these methods. Hair rejuvenation is just another concern that can be addressed using growth factors. In these treatments, isolated growth factors are injected directly into the scalp. This nourishes the area and can prevent hair loss.

What to Expect From Hair Rejuvenation

Several treatments may be needed for the best results. Typically, 3-4 monthly treatments at the outset are a good benchmark. Follow-up consultations can follow these in 3-6 months. After your treatment, you should notice a decrease in the rate of hair loss, as well as thicker and fuller hair.

Hair Rejuvenation Treatments in Coral Gables, Miami

If you are experiencing hair loss and are concerned about balding, our collagen induction treatments may be right for you. These treatments use safe and effective growth factors to help you maintain your hair. To learn more, call our office by dialing (305) 476-1182 or contact us by filling out the form below.

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