Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue

Surgical procedures and even something as benign as acne can leave us with scar tissue. When this occurs, we often end up feeling less secure about the way we look. At Miami Innovative Aesthetics, we have the advanced systems needed to minimize scarring and improve your look. Get in touch to receive the aesthetic care you deserve today.


What Causes Scar Tissue?

This cosmetic issue forms when a lot of collagen is released into a specific area to repair damage. The characteristic toughness and rough texture of scar tissue results from too much collagen release. This issue can respond to an acne flare-up, injury, surgery, or an infection.

Scar on a woman's shoulder

What Are the Treatment Options?

We offer several options for minimizing the appearance of scar tissue and improving the injured parts of your body. Our Laser Genesis® and Secret RF Microneedling treatments can help reduce scarring and improve your skin’s texture. Aquaroll® can be used to rehabilitate hands and feet, relaxing muscles and joints while smoothing skin texture.

What to Expect

During your consultation, we will evaluate your skin and the nature of the scarring. Based on the evaluation, we will recommend either a laser or microneedling treatment. If you have scarring or damage on your hands or feet, our Aquaroll® therapy treatments may be a good method for improving circulation and reducing pain.

Treating Scar Tissue in Coral Gables, Miami

We offer microneedling and laser services for the treatment of scar tissue here at Miami Innovative Aesthetics. Our Aquaroll® treatments can also serve as an effective therapeutic tool. Call us at (305) 476-1182 or fill out the form below to get started.

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