Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

A loss of intimate function and pleasure is common with age. If you’ve been experiencing signs of sexual dysfunction, our treatments can help. At Miami Innovative Aesthetics, we offer the P-shot® for men and the O-shot® for women. These injectables promote intimate healing, restoring sensation and pleasure.


What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

The causes of sexual dysfunction in women can be categorized into three groups; physical, hormonal, and psychological. Medical issues such as bladder problems, heart disease, and being on certain medications such as antidepressants can also be reasons for low libido. Hormonal imbalance caused by stress or menopause can be a factor as well.

In men, erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur due to certain medical issues, like obesity and diabetes. A decrease in testosterone with age can also play a role, as can physical injury. Excessive stress and anxiety can inhibit function further, exacerbating symptoms.

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Treatment Options for Sexual Dysfunction

At Miami Innovative Aesthetics, we offer the O-shot® and the P-shot®. Both of these treatments rely on growth factors to promote natural healing and restore your body’s proper function. These procedures begin with a blood draw, which is necessary for the isolation and reinjection of growth factors. Once they’re ready, these growth factors are injected back into your body to stimulate the healing process.

What to Expect

Some swelling and sensitivity can be expected after the injection. It is important to refrain from sex for three days following your visit to avoid infection and other complications. Once the swelling goes down, you should not experience any downtime or further complications from your injection.

Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Coral Gables, Miami

If you’re struggling with sexual dysfunction, we can provide you with the care you deserve. We offer treatments for both men and women, improving function, sensitivity, and satisfaction. Get started by calling us at (305) 476-1182 or filling out the form below to get started.

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