The appearance of red blotches or benign growths is fairly common. Many people have a birthmark or spot on certain parts of their bodies. However, if you have any angiomas that are causing you distress, it may be time to remove them. At Miami Innovative Aesthetics, we can help. We offer excel® V+ laser treatment for addressing these skin issues.


What Causes Angiomas?

The exact cause of angiomas is unknown. However, certain genetic factors make some people more likely to get them. They’ve also been linked to pregnancy, chemical exposure, certain medical conditions, and environmental factors. These moles are common among people over 30 and tend to increase in quantity over time.

Angiomas on a person's skin

How Can Excel® V+ Help?

Excel® V+ is a laser treatment used to resurface and revitalize the skin. This device uses micro-pulsed laser light to treat redness, pigmentation, and other issues. The major benefit of this treatment is that it is non-invasive and well-tolerated by most patients. The appearance of angiomas can be addressed after a series of sessions. The treatment protocol and the number of sessions will depend on the side of your growth or spot.

What to Expect

Treatments with the excel® V+ take about 10-15 minutes to perform. However, it may take more or less time to address your specific issue. Feeling a stinging sensation during treatment is common. It may take several weeks to see a major reduction in the appearance of your angioma after an excel® V+ treatment course.

Treating Angiomas in Coral Gables, Miami

Addressing spots, discoloration, and benign growths is easy thanks to our excel® V+ device. If you have an angioma that you want to be rid of, get in touch and schedule a treatment today. Call us at (305) 476-1182 or fill out the form below to get started.

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